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How to speed up slowly running QuickBooks

Over the last couple months, we’ve had clients with appreciable problems related to QuickBooks operating slowly, and even crashing.  A call to Intuit about the issue provided little help, but the root of the problem became clear after performing some thorough troubleshooting.

It turned out that, in both these instances, users had about a dozen active windows open within QuickBooks, including the home screen, several reports and so forth.   After starting up QuickBooks with no open windows, QB was working fast and smooth, and as long as the users limited the number of active windows open within the program, it continued to perform like a champ.

Practical QuickBooks provided the answer to the problem that our clients were experiencing.

Here is how to open the company file with no windows (from the Intuit website):

Prevent reports and other QuickBook windows from opening by holding down the Alt-key.

  1. When you have selected the file press and hold the Alt-key.
  2. With Alt-key held click “Open.”
  3. If QuickBooks displays a login window, let go of the Alt-key and enter login info.
  4. Hold the Alt-key again as you click “OK.”
  5. Keep the Alt-key held down until the file opens fully, or an error message will be displayed.

So, if you are having trouble opening the company file, try starting with no windows open using the above method.  And, to keep QuickBooks running at a reasonable pace, keep those open windows within QuickBooks to a minimum!

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