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Will Microsoft Bring Back The Start Button?

When Microsoft first revealed Windows 8, complaints started rolling in almost immediately. The lack of the traditional Start Menu and the fact that Windows would no longer be booting directly to the Windows desktop were just a couple examples of the many complaints that continue…

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‘Microsoft tech support’ scam captured on video

For those of us working in the IT industry, we get used to removing viruses and malware from plenty of machines on a regular basis. Malware is a huge problem that seems to only be getting worse. Part of the problem is a lack of…

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How is AOL Still Earning Most of its Money from “AOL Connect” Subscribers?

I remember when I received my first “internet capable” computer; it was a long time ago on my birthday in July. If you know anything about July in the southeast, you know it’s typically hot, humid and sticky. This weather is far too miserable to…

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