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The New River Computing family is here to serve you. Since 2004, we have been providing technology and cybersecurity services to small and medium sized organizations. We are on a mission to protect and defend the business community from the increase in cyber threats from around the globe. It is our priority to deliver an unrivaled user experience for our clients in a fast professional manner. We offer the latest, most secured, and efficient technology available. New River Computing is composed of hard working, loyal, and family oriented team members that are here to serve you and the community.


President and Chief Technology Officer

New River Computing team member since 2004.

Jeff Wynn headshot

Jeff Wynn is President and Chief Technology Officer of New River Computing. Starting with Mac and Windows NT servers, Jeff has administered IT resources for small businesses and nonprofits since 1993. He began his private consulting work in 1999, and has been serving businesses in the New River Valley since that time. Jeff became a full-time consultant in 2004, when he founded New River Computing.

Technology in the workplace has changed enormously since New River Computing was founded. The prudent use of the Cloud and the presence of sophisticated state-sponsored threat actors are just two challenges businesses face now that weren’t around a few years ago. Jeff loves evangelizing technology and cybersecurity at every opportunity.

In his spare time, Jeff enjoys playing music with friends, sailing in the Caribbean and spending time with family, which includes two daughters, two sons, two grandsons and two dogs. His favorite album is Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue and favorite movie is Princess Bride.

Jeff received his BS in Engineering Science and Mechanics in 1991 and MS in Environmental Engineering in 1993. Jeff was systems administrator for Appalachian Trail Conservancy (then Conference) from 1993 to 1998. From 1998 to 2004 he worked for Biological Systems Engineering as a programmer and analyst. Since then, he's focused his professional efforts exclusively on New River Computing.

Jeff Wynn playing guitar
Jeff Wynn in the Caribbean
Jeff Wynn with musical group
Jeff Wynn family photo


Chief Executive Officer

New River Computing team member since 2006.

Hansen Ball headshot

Hansen is NRC’s CEO, with more than 15 years working for NRC, and over 22 years in IT. Hansen hangs out with his special lady-friend Sarah, traveling to places like Cuba, Guatemala, Ecuador, and more. He spends a lot of time mountain biking, sometimes racing, and drags his teenage son Preston along for some of the rides, even assistant coaching with the Star City Cycling team.

Sarah and Hansen oversee a menagerie of 4 cats, 2 dogs, and a rescue hedgehog, and hope to expand with goats and alpacas someday. It’s a little clichéd, but his favorite album is Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue, and he loves to watch the movie Office Space. Ask him about the Blacksburg Farmers Market – He’s been President of the non-profit Friends of the Farmers Market for several years.

Hansen Ball mountain biking
Preston in a creek
Hansen and Sarah at Jose Rigas Refuge
Hansen Ball working at his desk at NRC


Finance Manager and IT Consultant

New River Computing team member since 2005.

Karen Loferski headshot

Karen Loferski is the Finance Manager for New River Computing. Her lifelong education about computers dates back to her first FORTRAN class in 1974 at Colorado State University. Karen joined Jeff at New River Computing in September 2005 after a decade of working as a Financial Administrator. Prior to that, she was a full-time mother to her two kids.

Karen has lived in the New River Valley for over 40 years, and is fond of saying that, if she must live east of the Mississippi, it will only be here in Blacksburg. A few years ago, her daughter came back home to live and gave her a precious granddaughter, with whom she enjoys many happy hours.

In her free time, she attempts learning Russian, has started a book club to foster her love of escaping into novels, and enjoys living up here beyond the wall, where she can observe the flora and fauna of our beautiful region.

Karen Loferski at her desk
Karen Loferski at work

George T.

Centralized Services Administrator

New River Computing team member since 2007.

George T. Probst headshot

George T. Probst is a software administrator with over 15 years of experience. He worked as a contractor with New River Computing from 2007-2017 before joing the company as an employee in 2018. George earned a B.S. in Industrial and Systems Engineering, and an M.S. in Human Factors Engineering from Virginia Tech. Prior to NRC, George worked as a resource coordinator and a project engineer for an engineering consulting firm.

George is responsible for monthly audits of the remote monitoring management software (Connectwise Automate) performance across all managed clients. Additionally, he handles all of NRC's website management and development.

George's hobbies include running, SCUBA diving, underwater photography, skateboarding (badly), watching movies, and going to concerts. In his spare time, he also participates in outreach to schools, organizations, and businesses to promote awareness about sharks and ocean conservation. He is also an active contributor to the Guadalupe White Shark Photo Identification research project.

George T. Probst in the Sea of Cortez with a sunrise in the background.
George T. Probst at the megalodon display at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum
George T. Probst en route to Isla de Guadalupe
George T. Probst talking with elementary school students about sharks


vCIO/Technical Alignment Manager

New River Computing team member since 2009.

Mark Phillips headshot

Mark joined NRC in March 2009 and has been involved with Systems and Network Administration for 15+ years. He currently holds degrees in Instrumentation from NRCC and a B.S. in Business Administration and Information Systems from Old Dominion University.

Having years of experience with IT Systems Administration, Mark strives to provide our customers with technicians and engineers that will maintain clean, smooth-running machines. His background in troubleshooting network and computer problems for end-users and small businesses ensures an ability to also deliver a workforce that will communicate well, provide quality service, and excellent technical support to all of NRC's clients.


Project Engineer

New River Computing team member since 2015.

Alex Zammit headshot

In college, Alex bounced around several fields of study trying to find what felt right. He graduated from Virginia Tech in 2012 with a Bachelor's degree in Consumer Studies. It was soon after that he realized he could take his passion for IT and pursue a career. Having always been the "computer guy" for friends and family, it seemed like a natural fit.

Immediately upon graduation, Alex returned to his hometown of Wytheville. Soon after, he joined Hodges, Jones & Mabry, P.C. to work as their in-house IT Specialist. While there, he managed the system and network administration for the business and provided technical support for employees.

Alex joined New River Computing in July of 2015 with 3 years of work experience under his belt. He is excited for the opportunity to assist a larger number of clients while continuing to grow within the IT field. Returning to Blacksburg was a big bonus to Alex as he really enjoys the area. The close proximity to the Appalachian Trail makes great access for hiking or backpacking during free time.


Service Manager/Project Coordinator

New River Computing team member since 2016.

Lindsay Taylor headshot

Lindsay joined New River Computing in September 2016 as Dispatcher and transitioned to Service Manager and Project Coordinator in early 2023. When not working, Lindsay enjoys watching movies, going on walks, crafting, and reading.


IT Technician

New River Computing team member since 2017.

Corey Webb headshot

Corey Webb is an IT Technician at NRC. He has always been the “Computer Guy” of his family and friends. Corey loves to help others, and he instills that value in his everyday life.

One of Corey’s most memorable achievements was earning his Eagle Scout Rank in 2012.Corey’s hobbies include Bowling on three different leagues, hanging out with friends and family, and going to church.

Corey is really involved with Seneca Baptist Church in Elliston VA, where he currently runs the live streams for the Sunday morning services.

Corey has one dog named Francesca, who is a Yorkie. Corey is also a huge Green Bay Packers fan and recently got to go to the Historic Lambeau Field in October of 2021.

Corey Webb bowling
Corey Webb with family
Corey Webb working at his desk at NRC
Corey Webb with friends


Administrative Services Manager

New River Computing team member since 2017.

Celeste Parker headshot

Celeste serves as the Administrative Services Manager for New River Computing. It’s sort of a jack-of-all-admin-trades position. Celeste willingly assists with all sorts of tasks for the good of the company. She volunteers at her church, First Baptist Blacksburg as the Executive Assistant & Clerk. She also serves on the kitchen committee, sings in the choir, and works with the Women’s Ministry. Her most memorable family (with Ron, husband; Christian, son; and Crystal, sister-in-law) vacation was to California (Disneyland, Universal Studio, & various other sights). Celeste enjoys cooking, baking, audiobooks, movies, and trying out ideas from Pinterest.

Celeste Parker with her family
Celeste Parker decorating the NRC Christmas tree


Security Engineer

New River Computing team member since 2018.

Wes Wilson headshot

Wes is the Security Engineer at NRC, with more than 22 years in the IT field. Wes enjoys helping people do their jobs more efficiently and solving problems and feels that the meaning of life is to help others.

Wes has been married for over 22 years and has 2 wonderful daughters. When not working, Wes enjoys woodworking, building things with his hands (to let the brain rest 😊) and cooking. Wes also has two dogs, a big Lab/German Shephard mix named Buddy (a la "Elf") and a little Chihuahua named Dude (a la "The Big Lebowski"). Besides the previously mentioned movies, another favorite is "The Princess Bride." Wes also helps out with the audio\visual and streaming at his church, Unity Christian Church of Radford.

Wes cleaning up equipment
Wes hiking


Project Technician

New River Computing team member since 2020.

Zac Callahan headshot

Zac joined New River Computing in February 2020. He comes with 5+ years of IT Help Desk knowledge with experience in restaurant point-of-sale, grocery point-of-sale, and DVR installations and support. He has always been drawn to the constant changing world of technology. Zac is a veteran of the US Army, and a graduate of Wytheville Community College with an A.S. in Information Systems Technology.

One of the best perks of Zac's job is that he gets to work with and support great local businesses. Sometimes changes in technology can be daunting. He enjoys speaking to people with honesty, integrity, and on a level that everyone can understand.

In his spare time, he enjoys being in the mountains, board sports, music, and spending time with his fiancée. They also have a fur baby pug that takes up most of their time.



New River Computing team member since 2023.

Lee Loflin headshot

After graduating from App State in Boone, NC in 2012, Lee headed up to NYC and worked her way up from intern to Director of Media at maslansky + partners, a communications and market research firm, where she handled all their video and graphics, as well as managed and taught their instant response dial technology, and filled the gaps of IT when they weren’t in office.

Lee returned to her hometown of Blacksburg to catch her breath after the pandemic and joined New River Computing as Dispatcher in 2023. She’s excited to be able to go to all the Virginia Tech home games again. When not tailgating on the weekends, she likes to read, play video games, or enjoy all the nature the New River Valley has to offer.

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