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It's time to rethink your Data backup and Disaster Recovery Plan!

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The Digital transformation is accelerating at record pace. Due to Covid-19, much of the physical work place has been transformed by remote work spaces, increasing the amount of digital information you are managing across an increasingly diverse infrastructure. Additionally, laptops, home computers, and personal mobile devices are exposing your infrastructure to a multitude of potential risks.

Your data is one of the most valuable assets your company possesses, Protect IT!
What will you do when the screen goes blank or you get an error message due to:

  • System crash
  • Virus attack
  • Malware
  • Hardware failure
  • Unintentional loss due to employee mishandling
  • Corrupt documents
  • Permanent deletion of files
  • Inaccessible partition
  • or worse, ransomware?
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New River Computing

is here to help you through the rapidly evolving IT landscape,
protecting Data, Networks, Cloud environments, software applications, and legacy servers.

How much would your company lose if your data was interrupted for just one day?
…loss of operations, customers, profits, reputation?

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Rethinking your Back-Up and Disaster Recovery plan doesn't need to be costly or time consuming. Most small and medium size businesses want to cover their bases without investing more than is necessary. New River Computing is dedicated to providing integrated solutions to protect your business at an affordable rate.

Businesses, large and small should consider
New River Computing's data recovery and backup services.

We continuously back up your data, and keep it in a secure and ready location. If there's an incident where primary data is compromised, the backup data is used in place of lost or damaged data and your operation is up and running quickly.

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Our service provides you with Reliable, Accessible, Secure
backups, and reduced workload in case of loss or incident.

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