Co-managed IT

Co-Managed IT is a revolutionary new model that blends the convenience and knowledge of your on-premises IT team with our battery of tools and the broad capabilities of
our engineers and technicians.

Does your organization have an in-house IT department? Let them become more cost efficient with our service.

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Staying ahead of technology, network infrastructures, government regulations, cloud computing, cybersecurity, software licenses, and the daily demands of supporting staff computers and company servers can be overwhelming and daunting even for the most gifted in-house teams.

We supplement, enhance, and support your existing team to achieve better results, faster. We offer a buffet of services that you can pick and choose from that best suit your specific needs.

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Many internal IT departments are overworked or too small when there is a spike in demand, or have a new technology implementation project, or even
scheduling the occasional vacation.

New River Computing acts as a true partner to you and your IT team.
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