NRC Newsletter - April 2022

What’s happening at NRC

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During 2021 New River Computing (NRC) focused on ramping up its internal security systems, evaluated clients’ systems, and developed security packages appropriate for varying clients’ needs.

We offer Fortress One, Fortress Two, and Guardian Fortress, NRC’s most advanced security packages. These security products are our latest multi-layered set of protections and countermeasures designed to defend small and medium sized businesses against cyber criminals from around the world.

New River Computing has also added to its ranks. We are happy to welcome Russell Johnson, Solutions Manager, and Joshua Howard, IT Engineer. Russell will be offering cybersecurity and other managed IT solutions to new businesses. Joshua will be the newest member of the NRC Technical Team. Welcome aboard!

Finally, we are proud to announce the revamped New River Computing website. If you haven’t had an opportunity to visit the website go take a look We are continuing to grow and improve so that we can be the best IT Services Provider for our clients.

Cybersecurity, NRC, and you

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Cybersecurity continues to be a primary focus for New River Computing. If you tune into the news or Google cybersecurity, it’s showing up everywhere. In the last year, governmental agencies have fallen prey to attacks (Solarwinds), major industries have suffered from ransomware attacks (Colonial Pipeline) and cyber attacks keep coming.

Small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) are prime targets for attacks. Why? SMBs tend to be easier targets. Their systems are often less secure, they have fewer security monitoring tools in place, and they aren’t prepared to respond to attacks.

Last year, cybercriminals delivered a wave of attacks that were not just highly coordinated, but far more advanced than ever before. Simple endpoint attacks became complex, multi-stage operations. Ransomware hits small businesses and huge corporations alike. It was a year of massive data breaches, supply chain attacks, expensive ransomware payouts, and a vast, new, complicated threat landscape. And it was a year that saw cybercriminals up their threat game in a big way.

New River Computing is on a mission to protect and defend the local business community against cyber threats initiated from around the globe. We are comprised of hard working, loyal, and family-oriented team members that are here to serve you and the NRV community.

It’s time to celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries.

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January – Hansen Ball, Celeste Parker, Russell Johnson

February – Lindsay Taylor

March – Corey Webb, Zac Callahan, Alex Zammit

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Work Anniversaries

January - George Probst

February - Zac Callahan

March - Corey Webb

Did you know…

Cyber criminals are "fishers of men?"

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