NRC Newsletter - August 2021

SmileBack: Why Customer Feedback Is Important

Have you ever wondered about those emails you get once a service ticket is closed? Well, we care about the service our customers receive and hearing from you is the best way to let us know what’s going on. Please know that unlike some surveys, every response is seen by New River Computing staff.

SmileBack ratings image

New River Computing is firmly in the professional services industry. Naturally, we want to provide the best service possible and continually improve our service delivery. It is often said that you cannot improve what you aren’t measuring. SmileBack is the customer feedback platform that NRC uses to measure customer satisfaction.

When we collect feedback via SmileBack we feel we are opening the dialogue between us and our clients. Finding out what our clients think is the only way that we can give them the best customer experience. Clients’ opinions are valuable resources for improving customer experiences and adjusting service and product offerings.

customer satisfaction image

Positive feedback also serves as a motivator for our team. When a particular team member has been praised, we pass the compliments directly onto the person and the overall team. While it is very satisfying to receive kudos for a job well done, it is more important that we know when something did not go as well as it should have. Every time we have a neutral review or worse, we contact the user to find out what did not go well, learn how we can do better for this user and indeed all our clients in the future.

SmileBack examples

So, thanks to all our clients who give us reviews. It helps us very much.

How to Blur Your Background (Zoom/Teams)


Recently we were on a Zoom call with a client and he noticed we had our background blurred. He promptly asked how we achieved this. We quickly shared with the client how to get his background blurred and thought you’d be interested in knowing too.

Just in case you were wondering what the difference between the two is, here are a couple images to show you.

Regular background

regular background image

Blurred background

regular background image

To blur your background in a Zoom call click on the up arrow near STOP VIDEO at the bottom left of your screen and select CHOOSE VIRTUAL BACKGROUND.

Choose Virtual Background image

Then select BACKGROUND & FILTERS, to the right below the video image are the NONE and BLUR options. Choose BLUR and close the window. Your background should now be blurred.

Background & Filters image

Microsoft Teams

Are you using TEAMS for your video call? Don’t worry here are those steps for TEAMS.

To blur your background in a Microsoft Teams call click on the ••• (3 dots/more) in the top menu near the VIDEO/CAMERA icon in the top right of your screen and select APPLY BACKGROUND EFFECTS.

Apply blur effects image

Then select BLUR on the right side of the window that opens. Select APPLY AND TURN ON VIDEO at the bottom of the window. Your background should now be blurred.

background settings image

Happy 10-Year Work Anniversary

Scott Daley portrait

Scott Daley

Scott, NRC’s Project Manager, has been with New River Computing for the last 10 years. He is an integral part of the NRC family. Thank you, Scott, for your dedication and hard work!

Scott Daley portrait

Mark Phillips

Mark, NRC’s Service Manager, gets to celebrate twice. Mark was originally hired as a part-time employee and celebrated 10 years with NRC in March 2019. This month, Mark gets to celebrate 10 years as a full time employee. Mark, we appreciate you for all that you toward making NRC successful!

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