NRC Newsletter - May/June 2023

Avoid the 3 Rs of passwords

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What are the 3 Rs? In cybersecurity, reducing, reusing, and recycling does not have the same positive affect that it does for the environment. When it comes to creating a password, make sure to avoid these three elements.

  • REDUCE: Make sure you don’t reduce passwords to short or simple words. Use at least 11 characters. Consider a longer passphrase that uses a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols.
  • REUSE: Avoid reusing passwords across accounts. If a breach occurs and a cybercriminal gains access to your credentials, the damage could be multiplied if that same password is used for other accounts as well.
  • RECYCLE: Don’t recycle old passwords. If a breach occurs, passwords should be changed to something new and different. Instead of changing just a single character, change each password to a completely new passphrase.

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Cyber-awareness tip

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Cybercriminals often use information you post on social media against you. Be mindful of "fun" quizzes and challenges that encourage you to disclose your own personal information and broadcast it online.

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