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Twitter Spamming Fake AV

Fake anti-virus software has been around for a long time, and there’s a reason: attackers who spread it convince you that your computer is riddled with viruses, and they have the fix – for a nominal fee, of course. Recently, these scammers are infecting larger…

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140K Macs still infected by Flashback trojan

According to Symantec’s Security Response blog, approximately 140,000 Macs are still infected with the Flashback Trojan. While Symantec noted that their sinkhole statistics indicated a significant decline in infections over the past week or so, they expected that the decline would have been greater by…

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Over 600,000 Macs Infected With Flashback Trojan

Macs have recently been the target of a widespread malware program called “Flashback.” Two antivirus companies, Doctor Web and Kaspersky Lab, independently confirmed on Wednesday and Friday, respectively, that well over 600,000 Mac computers have been infected with the latest variant of the Flashback Trojan horse. Flashback…

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Latest Ransomware: Anti-Child Porn Spam Protection

Lawrence Abrams over at has found that a new variant of the Malware Protection ransomware has been released called Anti-Child Porn Spam Protection. This ransomware pretends to be from a legitimate government organization that states that the infected computer is sending out SPAM that…

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Mainstream Support Ending for Windows Vista

For those of you that actually made the unfortunate leap from XP to Vista, on April 10th Windows Vista will exit Mainstream Support and enter Extended Support. This means that “free” support will end, no further service packs will be created and no future IE versions…

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Common security mistakes

Companies get hacked far too often and it almost ALWAYS stems from failure to follow basic security measures. How vulnerable are most companies to hacking? Many hackers claim they can aim their efforts at pretty much any target and guarantee a break-in without much effort….

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