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NRC is Now Offering CrashPlan Managed Backup Solutions!

Published November 06, 2013

Crashplan PROe continuous backup promotional image

Backups are arguably one of the most important things you can do to protect your important data.

Two of the biggest obstacles most users face with backups are:

  1. Complicated, confusing and unreliable backup software.
  2. Remembering to run it, or change the backup disc and take it offsite.

Who has time to deal with all of that hassle? Don’t worry, New River Computing can deal with the hassle FOR you!

We’ve spent a lot of time researching and testing numerous solutions to these problems and have found (what we consider to be) the best “cloud backup” file based backup solutions for our clients. What is this “Cloud Backup” you speak of? Well, if you’re asking this question, please check out the “Beginners Guide to Cloud Backup” before reading the rest of this post!

CrashPlan PROe isn’t ONLY a cloud-based backup solution, it is also a “hybrid” solution because it utilizes a multi-destination backup method. User data can be backed up to the cloud AND to external drives, local server shares or a NAS at the same time.

CrashPlan PROe runs silently in the background, continuously protecting the critical business data that lives on your machines. There’s no need for users to change their work habits because CrashPlan backs up data automatically, without any user effort or intervention required. New River Computing clients that use CrashPlan PROe enjoy significant productivity gains; it allows us to easily support the backup needs of thousands of clients, while enabling end users to quickly and easily restore data on their own.

It’s a great solution and we encourage all of our clients and users to contact us and give it a try!

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