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HIPAA security – keeping data secure

If you are a “covered entity” under the HIPAA Security rule, then you already know that your company (and thus your employees) collect a lot of protected health information (aka PHI). PHI is basically information about another person that is not for public knowledge but…

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How DNS Works

With all the DNS Changer hubbub going on recently, I thought some of you might want to know what DNS is and how it works. I recently stumbled across a great article from the folks over at GFI Vipre that explains just that.

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MasterCard and Visa are warning banks about a possible breach…

MasterCard and Visa are warning banks about a possible breach at a credit card processor, according to a report from Update, 4:45 pm: Atlanta based processor Global Payments just confirmed the breach via press release. Their full statement is below: “Global Payments Inc. (NYSE: GPN),…

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Microsoft Co-founder Falls Victim To Identity Theft

Federal authorities this month charged a US Army deserter with identity theft after being caught stealing credit card information from one of the richest men on the planet, Microsoft co-founder/multi-billionaire Paul Allen. Brandon Lee Price, an AWOL soldier from Pittsburgh swiped Allen’s Citibank credit card…

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The Evolution Of The Geek

The minds over at Flowtown explore evolution of geekdom with this comical infographic. (Click on the image to see the full-sized version.)

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