NRC’s George Probst recognized by Yahoo!

Published July 28, 2014

Many of you know George Probst as NRC’s graphic designer and web developer, but there’s more than marketing in his tool belt. When he’s not working, George has some interesting hobbies: running, Metallica concerts, and…shark diving. At least once a year, he ventures to Guadalupe, Mexico to swim with great white sharks.

Not only does George swim with them, but he has also developed a keen eye for their best poses through underwater photography, which was recently recognized by Yahoo’s Flickr.

“When they come by and look you in the eye, there’s this connection. You get this completely different understanding. There’s a level of respect and awe for this huge animal,” George told the folks at Flickr. “People say, ‘I cant believe you did that. You’re crazy!’ And I tell them, if you were in the water, you wouldn’t think that way.”

George has been diving and photographing sharks in the wild since 2006. Besides sharing photography on Flickr, George also runs, a website that provides current shark-related news and promotes responsible shark conservation.

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