ZeroAccess Botnet

Published October 13, 2012

ZeroAccess is a very large botnet, infecting millions of computers globally. According to researchers at Sophos Labs, ZeroAccess has been installed on computers over nine million times with the current number of infected PC’s topping out at over 1 million. That is a staggering number. Below are some images that will give you a visual sense of just how widespread the infection is, not only in the United States but, globally. The largest numbers of infected computers are found in the USA, Canada and Western Europe.

Map of the United States generated by F-Secure Labs:

Map of the US from F-Secure Labs

Global map generated by Sophos Labs:

Zero access world map

Research is showing that the ZeroAccess botnet is currently being used for two main purposes: Click fraud and Bitcoin mining. With the high level of worldwide infections, this particular botnet is capable of making an incredible amount of money: in excess of $100,000 a day.

Since cybercriminals are able to quickly make large sums of money using malware attacks that are getting harder to detect, you can count on the problem becoming much worse before it starts getting better.

Stay Safe!!!

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